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Connect Android to Mac without any barriers

Transfer photos, videos, music and folders between your Mac computer and Android devices connected via USB. The best way to connect Android phone to Mac is MacDroid.
Available for both Apple silicon and

Requires macOS 10.13 or newer; compatible with Android and MTP devices.
As you can see, MacDroid is a really fast way to connect Android to Mac in a minute.
MacDroid is the android file manager for Mac that allows you to easily manage all the files stored on your phone, no matter the brand. Manage Android devices with the touch of a button and edit all of your photos on the go, without downloading them on your computer.

Waste no more time handling single files because this desktop manager features full-folder support for easier file management. If your device supports MTP, you are ready to transfer all of your favorite movies, songs, and documents in a matter of seconds.

How to connect Android to Mac with MacDroid

1 In a nutshell, use a USB cable to set up a connection between your gadgets.

Connect your Android to your Mac via USB

Once MacDroid is installed and opened, go to “Devices” in its main menu and connect your Android to Mac via USB.
2 The second step is to allow your Mac to access the device.

Give Mac access to your Android device

Choose ADB (recommended) or MTP connection mode and follow all steps to allow your computer to access your Android data.
3 The full access to your Android phone allows editing data right from Mac Finder.

That’s all!

Your device is now connected - find it in Finder and transfer data between device and Mac.

Mount Android as a disk on Mac

  • Both internal and external storages of Android can be mounted
  • Edit Android files on Mac without copying them on computer
  • You'll only need MacDroid and an Android connected to Mac via USB
  • MacDroid supports all Android and MTP devices
Transfer your recent photos
Some great photos you just took on your Android can be transferred on your Mac or edited there even without transferring.
Work with entire folders
You can move entire folders between your Mac and Android and always have the most up-to-date documentation on your devices.
Watch a TV show on a long flight
If you have new episodes on your computer that you'd like to watch on your device while offline - MacDroid will transfer them.
Edit files directly on Android
You don't even have to save your Android files on Mac to edit them. Just connect your phone, edit the files on Mac and save changes once done.
Add new music to your phone
Transfer your favorite tracks from Mac to Android or vice versa and enjoy the music everywhere you are.
Any MTP device is supported
Got more devices that connect in MTP mode? Work with them in MacDroid just like you would with your Android device.
These use cases show that MacDroid is the ultimate utility to transfer Android data to Mac and vise versa.

Connect Android to Mac computer via USB

No need for special cables or complicated solutions, MacDroid will work seamlessly whenever you connect your Android device to your Mac via USB. As soon as the device is plugged in, you'll get access to its content directly in the Finder.

Multi-Operation Mode ADB

It is recommended to connect your Android in this multiplex mode for a faster file transfer and management.

Single-Operation Mode MTP

An easy and comprehensive way to connect not just your Android, but other supported devices as well.
We can conclude that if you want to connect Android phone to Mac via USB, MacDroid is your best Mac application to do that.

What others say

I love what this little app does. It is fast enough and finally lets me connect my Mac and Android as if they had the same operating system.
Couldn't be happier. I can manage my files on Android straight in my Finder and edit photographs on Mac without actually saving them on Mac.
Needed to save my whole Android photo gallery on Mac, and the best solution I found was MacDroid. Moreover, it did what I needed for free! Thanks for saving my time!
The only problem I always had with Mac and Android combo is not being able to transfer data between these devices fast enough. Thanks MacDroid for filling this gap.

Overall rating 4.5
based on 56 reviews

Alternative ways to connect Android with Mac

Looking for an alternative to connect Android phone to MacBook? We’ve prepared some of the best alternatives to help you connect Android gadgets to macOS devices with ease. Check them out right now for seamless transfers!

Alternatives to Android File Transfer

Google only provides the Android File Transfer app for macOS as the utility to help you transfer files. However, it’s not maintained properly and didn’t receive updates for several years. Furthermore, it only allows you to transfer one file at a time, seriously reducing speed.

How to fix Android File Transfer

To perform a transfer using Android File Transfer you need to add it to your Mac and connect your phone using the USB cable that came with it. The two devices should recognize each other instantly and start syncing. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and you need to go through these steps to figure out what’s wrong.

Connect Android to Mac via Wi-Fi

Connecting your Mac laptop to Android via USB may not be a solution to some users. Luckily, there’s a way to do so through Wi-Fi as well. It’s more convenient since you don’t need cables or to physically get the phone next to your Mac. It’s also very helpful for quick sync.

Connect Mac with Android via Bluetooth

If neither the USB nor the Wi-Fi connection isn’t the right choice for you, using Bluetooth is also an option. The technology was developed to allow short-range communication between devices. It can also help you transfer files from Android to Mac and the other way around.


Unfortunately, Mac can’t recognize an Android phone without using third-party apps such as MacDroid, Android File Transfer, SyncMate, Samsung Smart Switch alternative and so on.

While using MacDroid, you will forget the question: “How to connect Android to Mac?” at all. Your Mac will recognize your Android phone:

  • Launch MacDroid and connect Mac to Android device via USB.
  • Choose the type of connection and follow instructions in the window that appears.
  • Ready! Your device is connected.
If you want to backup photos from an Android phone to your Mac, there’s just one app you’ll need. MacDroid is the one-stop solution to rapidly transfer all your photos to Mac and create a backup to have everything safely stored. You can count on MacDroid to move photos from Mac to Android and the other way around.
Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the AirDrop function to transfer file from Android to Mac. It doesn’t allow you to connect Android phone to Mac, it only works between Apple devices.
Simply go to “Settings” then tap on “Storage” and in the upper-right corner tap on the Menu icon. Here, you’ll have to select the USB PC connection and once more tap on Media sync (MTP) option to enable it for the file transfer.

Access Android from Mac and manage data between devices


Transfer files from Android to Mac.
With free 7-day full-featured trial
  • AndroidMac
  • MacAndroid


Transfer files between Android and Mac in both directions.
$1.67per month*
*$19.99/year. Billed annually (auto-renewal)
  • AndroidMac
  • MacAndroid
  • Consistent updates of the app
Requires macOS 10.13 or newer, compatible with any Android and MTP devices
4.5 overall rank
(Learn more)
Version 1.8.160,
released on 25 August, 2023

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do. It is offered when you download free MacDroid and then activate MacDroid PRO for the first time. At the time you will be asked to enter your payment details. You are not charged at that moment - your free 7-day trial begins, during which you get to fully test the product and its PRO features and cancel your subscription at no charge if you feel like the product is not going to work for you.

How will I be billed?

After the free 7-day trial, your billing year begins and your payment method will be automatically charged for $19.99. MacDroid PRO is offered as an annual subscription with auto-renewal. So you’ll be billed automatically at the beginning of each billing year.

On how many Macs can I use my MacDroid subscription?

MacDroid PRO subscription can be used on up to 5 Macs you own (you won’t be charged additionally for installing MacDroid PRO on each of these Macs).

The number of Android and MTP devices you connect and transfer data to or from is not limited.

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription or change payment details just contact our team at and they will assist.