MacDroid | Mac Android file transfer

Android file transfer app for reliable and smooth connection

Requires macOS 10.10 or newer; compatible with all Android and MTP devices
*$19.99 per year. Billed annually (auto-renewal). This option includes no trial period.

MacDroid is a professional Android file transfer app designed for Mac users who own an Android device, rather than an iPhone. It’s often difficult for Mac users to transfer data between Android and macOS, as the two are not designed to work together, which is where MacDroid can help.

MacDroid Android file transfer for Mac allows you to connect your Android device (phone or tablet) to your Mac and access your device’s content in the Finder. From here you can quickly and easily transfer photos, music, videos, and other files - including entire folders - between your Mac and Android device, and vice versa. All you need is a USB cable to connect Android to Mac and MacDroid will take care of everything else.

MacDroid additional features
  • Transfer media files beetwen Android and Mac
    Features Photos


    You can access your Android photos in the Finder app and easily drag them with your mouse cursor to any folder on your Mac.
    Features Music


    You can add your favorite tracks to Android from your Mac or vice versa and enjoy the music on the go.
  • Features Videos


    Got some great new episodes that you want to watch, but not planning to take your computer with you? Not a problem! You can transfer them to your Android and watch on a plane, on a train, or while having an Uber ride.
    Features Other files

    Other files

    When you don't really feel like moving files around, you can edit your Android files with your favorite Mac app without actually saving them to your computer.

MacDroid additional features

MacDroid is far more than just a simple Android transfer app Mac. The software includes plenty of additional features that allow you to transfer almost any type of data, from photos to videos and more. You can transfer files in both directions, so you can easily backup your Android device or copy files from your Mac onto your Android phone.

MacDroid additional features

Copy files from Android to Mac

If you’re on-the-go all day long then you may store important files such as downloaded PDFs or work documents on your Android device, which you could lose access to if your phone or tablet is lost or stolen. You can quickly and easily copy files from Android to Mac with MacDroid, so you always have a backup.

Transfer pictures from Android to Mac

Your most precious photos shouldn’t be stored in just one place, and MacDroid makes transferring them from your Android phone or tablet to your Mac a breeze. Transfer all your photos to free up storage space on your device, or choose to transfer just the most important images to ensure they’re kept safe.

Data transfer

Whatever type of data you store on your phone - photos, video, documents, MP3 tracks - you can transfer it to your Mac using an Android file transfer app like MacDroid. With just a few clicks you can transfer your files so that they’re backed up on your Mac, or free up storage space on your tablet or phone.
Connect Android to Mac computer via USB


If you don’t want to download MacDroid - for example, perhaps you’d prefer to use free software - then there are plenty of Android file transfer app alternatives to choose from.

Android File Transfer alternatives

You’ll find a wide range of Android file transfer for Mac apps out there - everything from free web-based alternatives to paid, professional software that you’ll need to download and install. We’d always recommend reading reviews before deciding to use an alternative, to ensure it meets your needs.

Android File Transfer not working

Sadly, you may find the software you decided to use isn’t working properly with your device. If this happens, you might need to find an alternative, and a quick Google search will usually bring up both paid and free Android transfer app options to choose from.

Here’s how to get started using MacDroid:


Download and install MacDroid

Connect your Android device to your Mac using your USB cable.
Connect your Android to your Mac via USB

Open the software and click on “Devices” in the main menu

Next, you’ll need to grant your Mac access to your Android device.
Give Mac access to your Android device

That’s it!

You can now view data on your device in Finder and use MacDroid to perform an Android transfer between your Android device and your Mac.
Final step

Manage data between Android and Mac computer

Requires macOS 10.10 or newer; compatible with all Android and MTP devices


Transfer files from Android to Mac.
With free 7-day full-featured trial
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Transfer files between Android and Mac in both directions.
$1.67per month*
*$19.99/year. Billed annually (auto-renewal)
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  • MacAndroid
  • Consistent updates of the app
Plans are $USD per user per month when billed annually. License Paddle. Subscription details
Requires macOS 10.10 or newer, compatible with any Android and MTP devices
4.5 overall rank,
based on 56 user reviews
Version 1.2.105,
released on 18 June, 2020