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Are Any Third-Party Packages Required While Using MacDroid?

We recommend installing FUSE for macOS for advanced file management. The FUSE for macOS software package can be downloaded here.

The onsite version of MacDroid uses the following versions of FUSE:

  • • FUSE versions 3.10.3 and later
  • • FUSE versions 3.8.2 and later

Note: The App Store version of MacDroid will not use FUSE due to Apple’s sandboxing restrictions, even if FUSE is installed on your Mac.

Benefits of working with FUSE:

  • - Access to additional disk handling options like mounting it as a local drive and managing the disk visibility to other users.
  • - FUSE in some cases can help fixing the issue of disks being unmounted while working with them.

Installing FUSE is strictly optional. Use it only when you need the extended possibilities of the file system management.

In case you face any difficulties with disk mounting, we recommend that you do the following:

  • If you are using the onsite version of MacDroid:
    • – install FUSE and reproduce the issue again;
    • – uninstall FUSE and reproduce the issue again.
  • If you are using the Mac App Store edition of MacDroid:
    • – install the onsite version of MacDroid and FUSE;
    • – reproduce the issue again.

Starting from macOS 10.15, one should grant permission to load the system extension required for mounting FUSE volumes. You will get the corresponding alert:


Open the Security Preferences → General Preferences and allow loading the corresponding system software.