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MacDroid short-guide series

How to transfer photos from phone to tablet Android

There are a multitude of reasons as to why you would want to know how to transfer photos from Android phone to Android tablet. Maybe you want to view your photos on a larger screen or you want to use the tablet as storage space. You can accomplish this easily, all you need is a method to connect your devices. And we have the perfect applications to help you transfer files from phone to tablet seamlessly!

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1. How to transfer photos from Android phone to Android tablet using MacDroid


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Requirements: macOS 10.13 , 18.22MB free space. Version 1.8.160 ( 25 Aug, 2023 )
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MacDroid is an application that allows you to transfer information from one device to another, it is also how you connect Mac to Android. The benefit of MacDroid is immediate control, simplistic controls, and the ability to transfer whole folders! MacDroid allows you to transfer photos, add new music, edit files on your Android, and access to your phone’s folders.

With MacDroid, you can be certain that your files are securely transferred from the comfort of your desktop. Most of all, MacDroid makes the process of connecting your computer to an Android easier than ever! With it, you can know how to transfer photos from phone to tablet Android.

Transfer any files from your phone to your Mac in a few clicks!

Using MacDroid is simple and we can show you with the following set of instructions. After installing MacDroid on your Mac you can start the process of connecting.
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With a USB cable, connect your Android to your Mac computer.
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In the MacDroid app, go to "Devices" in MacDroid’s Main Menu.
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Select MTP or ADB mode and follow the onscreen prompts to allow your computer to access your Android Data.
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After granting your computer access, you can find your Android in the Finder Window, and can begin transferring data between your Mac and Android or vice versa!

You can store photos from your Android to your Mac, and then connect your Android tablet to retrieve the photos.

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2. Alternative ways how to transfer photos from phone to tablet Android

How to transfer photos from phone to tablet via Wi-Fi with SyncMate

Knowing how to transfer photos from Android phone to tablet using Wi-Fi is not as complex as some believe. SyncMate is a Wi-Fi-based solution to transfer photos from phone to Android tablet. With SyncMate you can wirelessly save your data and exchange information between devices. This allows you to transfer documents from your couch or any public place with Wi-Fi. SyncMate syncs your devices using Mac but still provides you with file transfer via Wi-Fi easily!

Synchronize all your gadgets and you can always have access to your photos.

To start transferring files with SyncMate, install the SyncMate application to your Mac.
In the left-hand pane of the App, you can see an "Add New" button, if you press it you can select your Android from a list.
Click the "+" button in the top panel to select files to sync and set sync parameters, either from your Android or Mac.
After selecting the desired files, press "Sync", and that’s all there is to it!
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Move photos from phone to tablet via Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud-based storage system that allows you to save files, such as photos. You can access these files through a Dropbox account, another easy solution! We even have instructions on how to transfer files using Dropbox because Dropbox is how to transfer photos from Android phone to Android tablet.

Transferring files using Dropbox is quick and easy.

Make sure that you have Internet working and you can download the application to your devices.

First, you need to install the Dropbox application on both devices.
Log in or create a Dropbox account, after doing so, select all of the files from your phone that you wish to transfer.
After uploading to Dropbox, access your Dropbox account on your tablet, and begin downloading!

How to transfer photos from phone to Android tablet with Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a highly efficient way to allow your phone to communicate with another device. You can use Bluetooth to connect to an external speaker, computer, or another phone. So if you’re wondering how to transfer photos from Android phone to Samsung tablet via Bluetooth, we can help!

Exchanging data with another phone over Bluetooth is a direct way to swap info. You can do it without any additional applications.

Bluetooth is available on almost every phone or tablet, and there is no need to download additional files.

Turn on Bluetooth for both devices.
On your phone go to the "Wireless and Networks" option in the settings menu.
Click on "Bluetooth" settings to ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is on and locate the device you want to transfer to.
Confirm the pairing and send your photos!
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Transferring phone data is a simple process but can appear intimidating, especially with the amount of applications that claim to be the best. We can strongly suggest MacDroid for quick transfers between your phone and computer. SyncMate is your ally for Wi-Fi-based transfers, and basic Bluetooth exchanges if you have both phones on hand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes! You can exchange from a phone to a tablet by using MacDroid. MacDroid will also let you put information from your computer onto your phone or tablet by means of an Android USB transfer.
One way to transfer files Android to Android is to use Dropbox, just install it on both devices, upload your content and download away!
SyncMate is great for syncing photos from Android to tablet. Just install SyncMate on your computer, store the information from your phone to the computer, then connect your tablet and retrieve the data, it’s that simple!
You can transfer photos from Android to Android by using MacDroid. When you install MacDroid on your computer, it gives you access to the folders on all of your devices by giving you an Android USB transfer.

Break transfer barrier between Android and Mac

Requires macOS 10.13 or newer; compatible with all Android and MTP devices
Building a bridge between Android and Mac.