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How to switch phones and transfer everything to the new one

Getting a new phone is an exciting experience but one that can also be difficult when you’re wondering how to switch phones. Your old phone most likely holds photos, contacts, and other personal information that will be noticeably missed. This process is unavoidable, if you’re like most of us, you want an easy transition of phone data and that is where phone transfer software comes into play. Luckily for you, we have a handy guide to help change phone info!

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1. How to help information from Android migrate to new phone

One of the easiest methods of exchanging phone data can be done through your Google account. If you have both phones on hand, access to Wi-Fi, and previously synced data then you’re ready to begin.

When turning on your new phone you have two options to retrieve previous data from an old phone, either through a cable making a phone to phone connection or by linking to a direct backup from Android. If you follow the direct backup, you are provided with information about the phone migration process. Look at that, you’re already finished!

This process is also possible with an iPhone, so if you’re an OS user you have nothing to worry about! When turning on your new iPhone you have two options, same as with Android, connecting through a cable or by accessing your previously synced iCloud data. Because of the ability to access saved content, it has never been an easier time to switch cell phones.

For more stable and fast connection you can use your Mac in phone to phone switching process - read the next chapter.

2. Switch cell phones with MacDroid


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A more reliable and convenient way to handle phone migration is through MacDroid and we can tell you how to connect Android to Mac so you can use the app! MacDroid allows you to access your phone’s data through your computer with a beautiful interface. This process of exchanging information doesn’t require Wi-Fi or for you to remember your cloud account’s password.

Macdroid gives you the ability to transfer photos, access folders, direct editing of files, add new music, and is compatible with any MTP device. MacDroid is available as a seven-day free trial or for a low monthly fee while single and multi-operational modes.

Let's look how to switch phones with the help of this app.

To use MacDroid to change phone data you need:
Download and install the Macdroid application to your Mac.
Then connect your phone’s USB charging cable to your computer in order to access your phone through MacDroid.
In the MacDroid app, open "Devices" within the application’s main menu.

Select MTP or ADB mode and follow the prompts on how to give your Mac access to your Android device.

You may need to grant permission on your phone.

Select your Android phone in the "Device List" and press "Mount" to establish a connection.
Open your Finder window and move the files from your phone to your Mac.
When done, disconnect your old phone and connect your new one, now you can drag the files from your Mac to your brand new phone!
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3. Don’t forget about SIM card in phone migration

In order to successfully switch cell phones and have working service, you need to use a SIM card, a phone without a SIM card is unable to connect to a cellular service. You can remove the SIM card from your old phone and place it into your new device or you can purchase a new card from your service provider. New SIM cards must be activated, this can be done with the aid of your service provider.

Be careful while transferring your SIM card from the old phone to the new one not to damage it occasionally.

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Phone to phone data transferring is a simple task when you have the tools, and you have two! If you frequently back up your device to the cloud, you can access the data and place it on your new device. However, cloud space has a limit, and it is likely your phone holds more storage, with this in mind, MacDroid is an excellent choice. It’s fast and easy to use and doesn’t require Wi-Fi.

Frequently Asked Questions:

To switch phones safely, it’s best to use an app like MacDroid so you can be certain that you’re retrieving all of your data. With MacDroid you can directly drag whole folders into your new device without having to just do individual files.
You can either do this through your service provider or by trading SIM cards. The easiest way to do this, is to remove the SIM card from your previous phone and place it in your new phone.
You can! It is also the most popular and convenient way to do so. Exchanging a SIM card can be done in the comfort of your home and doesn’t require direct interaction with your service provider.
You can either retrieve your info from cloud storage or by using an application like MacDroid with your computer. The benefit of using MacDroid is that you can drag whole folders without the reliance of connecting to an external service or having Internet connection.

Break transfer barrier between Android and Mac

Requires macOS 10.10 or newer; compatible with all Android and MTP devices
Transfer files between Android and Mac using MacDroid.