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MacDroid short-guide series

Samsung Smart Switch alternative: let’s find the best one for Mac

Smart Switch is a dedicated app developed by Samsung. It aims to make the switch to Galaxy as easy as possible and let you seamlessly move all the content from your Android/iOS device to a Samsung phone.

Smart Switch is available as a mobile app to transfer media content and personal data between the devices, as well as a desktop client that is mainly used for data backup. However, if your target device is not Samsung, you will face compatibility issues. In that case, you can look for a Samsung Smart Switch alternative that will help you connect Android to Mac.

At the bottom of the article, you will be able to find all of the key differences between the two applications. While no solution is perfect, choosing the right for you is detrimental when connecting your Android device to your Mac.

Users situation:

Alternatives to Samsung smart switch? I've gotten really frustrated with backing up my phone via smart switch. It takes literal hours and just now when I had it transferring for hours it didn't even back up all my photos and said it failed to back up videos — Reddit

MacDroid as Samsung Smart Switch alternative for Mac


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Requirements: macOS 10.15 , 19.47MB free space. Version 2.0.211 ( 23 May, 2024 )
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As the best alternative to Smart Switch, MacDroid is proficient in moving files between Android and Mac and backing up your Android device. Whether you want to transfer photos, music, videos and folders with files from your Android to a Mac computer, or vice versa, the app can get the job done efficiently. MacDroid is designed specifically for Mac and unlike Smart Switch, the target device can be any smartphone or tablet running Android.

MacDroid fills the gap between macOS and Android and makes the file transfer a snap. It is easy to use, and allows you to mount your Android as a disk on Mac. This way you get access to all your files and folders and can drag and drop them to your devices.

There are two modes to choose from: Single-Operation Mode (MTP) and Multi-Operation Mode (ADB). MTP is a comprehensive way to connect your Android and other devices like cameras, while ADB provides faster and more efficient transfers.

Let's look closer at Smart Switch alternative's pros & cons.

icon pros Pros:

  • Offers free 7-day trial of the PRO version
  • Software is available to use on up to five Macs
  • You can use unlimited Android devices
  • There are two connection modes to suit your needs
  • Comes with regular updates and affordable price
  • Allows editing your Android files on Mac without transferring them.

icon cons Cons:

  • There is only annual billing, if you prefer monthly payments
  • Free version only allows transferring files from Android to Mac
  • Not compatible with Windows computers.

Supported OS: macOS, Android

Price: $19.99 per year

How to transfer data from Android to the new Samsung via Mac step-by-step guide:

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Download and install MacDroid on your Mac.

2 blank

Connect your Android phone to Mac using the supplied USB cable.

3 blank

Go to MacDroid and open “Devices” in the main menu.

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Select either MTP or ADB mode and follow the instructions to provide your Mac access to the Android device.
5 blank

If needed, confirm the file transfer on your phone.

connect Samsung to Mac
6 blank

Find and choose your Android phone in the “Device list” and click “Mount” to establish the connection.

7 blank

Now your device is connected and ready for file transfer. Open it in Finder and start moving the files you want to Mac.

8 blank

Once you have moved all the needed files from phone to Mac, unplug the devices.

9 blank

Connect your new Samsung to Mac and drag and drop the data you just transferred onto it.

10 blank

Done! You’ve successfully completed the data transfer to your new Samsung.

Try MacDroid for efficient file transfer
Android USB file transfer

Best apps alternative to Samsung Smart Switch

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dr.fone - Phone Manager
Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager
iSkysoft Phone transfer
MobiKin Assistant for Android
Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac
Android File Transfer
MTP mode
MTP mode
ADB mode
ADB mode
Folder transfer
Folder transfer
File transfer
File transfer
Media transfer
Media transfer
Finder integration
Finder integration
On-the-phone file edit
On-the-phone file edit
Single Mac app
Single Mac app
Device compatibility - Full
Device compatibility - Full
Connectivity issues  

Choose the best alternative to Smart Switch for Samsung data transfer

Gihosoft Mobile Phone Transfer

Gihosoft Mobile Phone Transfer is another alternative to Samsung Smart Switch. It allows you to move various files, including contacts, photos and music between your phones. This app supports data transfer between Android, iOS, iTunes. With this app, you can create backups of your Android or iPhone data on your computer and restore previous backup sessions when needed. Gihosoft Mobile Phone Transfer is compatible with a variety of Android and iOS devices. To get started, you will need to connect your mobile phone with a USB cable.

And here are pros & cons of Gihosoft Mobile Phone Transfer.

icon pros Pros:

  • A wide variety of supported devices
  • Comes as phone-to-phone transfer solution
  • Transfers any data, including contacts, call logs, photos, videos, music.

icon cons Cons:

  • There is limited customer support
  • Does not offer free trial.

Supported OS: macOS, Windows

Price: $19.95 per year.


Continuing our list of Samsung Smart Switch alternatives, we would also like to draw your attention to Airdroid - the app for full control of your Android device from the computer. Using this app, you can also browse, manage and transfer any types of files and data between your devices wirelessly. You just need to install the mobile app on your phone, go to the Airdroid’s website (or install the desktop client on the computer), and sign in on your devices. AirDroid supports Android, iOS, Mac and Windows computers.

And here are pros & cons of Airdroid.

icon pros Pros:

  • Supports file transfer over the local network
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • The ability to share Android screens to a computer
  • Easy and simple to connect.

icon cons Cons:

  • You can transfer entire folders only in paid version
  • There are some limits on moving files through the web in free version.

Supported OS: macOS, Windows

Price: $29.99 per year.


CloneIt is a mobile alternative to Samsung Smart Switch that backups and transfers data across phones. You can easily move media files, apps, contacts, documents, SMS, logs from one device to another. The transfer is carried out wirelessly via Wi-Fi. The app is available for download from the Google Play Store and works with all popular Android devices.

And here are pros & cons of CloneIt.

icon pros Pros:

  • Transfers data wirelessly
  • 12 types of mobile data can be moved
  • Works with leading Android devices.

icon cons Cons:

  • The app contains ads
  • Sometimes connection issues may take place.

Supported OS: Android

Price: Free.


Lastly, you can refer to the AnyDroid Smart Switch alternative. Compatible with any version of Android, AnyDroid allows you to manage data and move files from your phone to the computer via Wi-Fi. First, download and install the AnyDroid client to your computer and smartphone, connect the devices to the Wi-Fi network and you will be able to interact with the content of your Android directly from the computer.

And here are pros & cons of AnyDroid.

icon pros Pros:

  • Supports a wide range of file formats
  • The ability to transfer content from iPhone to Android phone
  • Multi-language support.

icon cons Cons:

  • Advanced features are available in the paid version.

Supported OS: macOS, Windows, Android, iOS

Price: $29.99.

Samsung Smart Switch alternatives: what features to consider

As we mentioned earlier, Samsung Smart Switch lets you move data from the old smartphone to the new Samsung device. For Samsung owners, it is a good option. But those who use Android devices of other brands, should look for an alternative. Fortunately, there are quite a few apps you can choose from. If you are in search, don’t forget to take into consideration the following features:

  1. What operating systems and devices does the app support? Smart Switch moves data only to Samsung phones running Android 4.3 or later. So, for example, if you use Xiaomi, you should look for an app that is compatible with other Android devices, not only Samsung.
  2. What type of data do you need to transfer: whether you only want to move a few files or entire folders or looking to transfer contacts, SMS, call logs.
  3. Are there any restrictions? For example, some applications may have limitations on the number or size of files that can be transferred.
  4. The software should be reliable. This is important as otherwise, you may lose important data during the transfer process.

What you should know to use Samsung Smart Switch alternatives

Find a proper Smart Switch for Mac

There are many Smart Switch for Mac alternatives available today that can help you move data between devices and provide backup and restore options. Here, we will take a look at the best replacements for Samsung Smart Switch.

Samsung Kies for Mac: is it available?

Samsung Kies for Mac is Samsung's official software that lets you synchronize data. However, the Kies app for Mac hasn’t been updated for a long time, so it’s worth looking for an alternative to keep your data synced. Fortunately, there are some apps that can perfectly replace Samsung Kies on Mac.

How to connect Samsung to Mac

Samsung is one of the leading and trusted smartphone manufacturers out there. But Samsung devices are not natively compatible with Macs. If you are a Mac user, you should opt for a third-party app to connect Samsung phones to Mac.

How to transfer files from Samsung to Mac

While transferring files from Samsung to PC is a breeze, it is quite a tricky process for Mac owners. However, there are some solutions that easily deal with moving files to macOS computers. When it comes to Samsung file transfer Mac users can connect their devices using dedicated apps and start transferring files.

Transferring Samsung photos to Mac

Since we often take photos using our smartphones, transferring photos from a mobile phone to a computer is a common task. If you have a MacBook and Samsung phone and are wondering how to transfer photos from Samsung to Mac, here you will find some options.

With so many options available, you can find the best software to suit your needs and easily move data and media between your devices with a few simple clicks. If you’re among those looking for an alternative to Samsung Smart Switch, MacDroid is a great option.

It gives you complete freedom to transfer data and files from Android to Mac and vice versa. MacDroid works with all the leading Android devices and doesn’t require any extensions and plugins. Start transferring any content, including your favorite tracks or movies, photos, documents stored in your smartphone, seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Samsung Smart Switch is available as a desktop client for Mac OS computers and you can use it to manage your smartphone or tablet, namely to back up, restore and sync. Moreover, you can synchronize your Outlook, iCal or Mac address book with your device.
Instead of Samsung Smart Switch, there are many alternative options you can use. For example, MacDroid. This app supports any MTP device and lets you mount Android as a disc on Mac. With the help of MacDroid, you can back up images, folders, music, videos from your Android on Mac.
According to the official Samsung Galaxy Site, Smart Switch works on Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, Z Flip, Note10, Note10+, S10e, S10, S10+, Fold, Galaxy Note9, S9, S9+, Note8, S8, S8+, S7, and S7 edge.
As we mentioned earlier, only Samsung should be the target device. But you can transfer data and files from a non-Samsung phone, it could be an iPhone or any other Android device running Android version 4.3 and later.
You can transfer all your files and data from Samsung to Samsung using a Smart Switch alternative like MacDroid. No matter what kind of files you need to transfer, MacDroid handles with ease, so you can trust it to provide great and reliable services. It moves any files and even entire folders without the risk of data loss.